Friday, March 7, 2014

Nursery Work

Whoops, I have been absent for too long yet again!!  The past month has been a bit of a blur, as we finished the kitchen (mostly - we still need to paint and I have to make the valances) and worked on the nursery.  Plus, we have baby stuff EVERYWHERE.  Boxes of stuff.  And people keep giving us diapers.  I kind of wonder how long the stash will last.  I'm guessing no more than a month.  Our theme in there is monkeys.  I've ordered some decals and am waiting for those to arrive.  One will go over the crib (big empty spot that it is) and probably another over the changing table.  Which, speaking of, just arrived today!  Yes, the kid is due in 11 days! 
 We picked up the rocker (and recliner) last weekend.  I kind of love it.... not only is it super comfy but it is something we can use elsewhere in the house later on.  It looks brownish but is grey.  The two afghans on the back are from people who love our little one already.  I also put the manfriend and my teddy bears from childhood on the top shelf.  Both are well loved and I love having them there! 

I still need to sort all of the clothes and sheets (note the laundry basket in the left side of the shot).  But, once the changing table is together, I'll be able to. 

Our son already has easily 30 books.  I'm so glad our Buffalo baby shower asked everyone to bring a book in place of a card because we're starting him off with a great little library. 
The quilt on the crib was made by my love's mother.  It's got monkey all over it and is just perfect for our little monkey.  The mobile makes me crazy happy.... twirling monkeys. 

So, it's coming together, slowly but surely.  Now, we just need our little one.  All in good time!! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh Too Busy!

I know I have been absent and promised to be better about writing.  But goodness, things have been BUSY around here.  Since I last wrote, we have made significant progress on the kitchen.  The cabinets are in, the sink was placed in the countertop, pendent lamps and a ceiling fan have been purchased, and I've unpacked a few boxes.  We still need the electrician to come back and finish putting the outlets in (and install the pendents!).  And we're waiting on the plumber to hook up the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher, put in a line for the ice maker, and figure out the best idea for a new radiator for the space.  Oh, and the general contractor is going to be coming back to install our microwave (and stove I think) and door handles on the cabinets.  I have only been able to unpack a few cabinets, which has felt good.  But I really want to get to the drawers, which is in a holding pattern until the handles are put on. 
I've been looking at fabric to make valances for the kitchen.  I'm hoping to also make valances and cafe curtains for the dining room.  We took out the wall between the two rooms and I think it will be good to unify the space.  I'm also picked up paint chips for painting.  Here's hoping I can convince my love on my vision for the color. 

It was also my busiest time of the year at work.  I work in higher education and run a major, multi-day program.  During that week, I had a number of crises interrupt the flow of the program.  First, I had a death in my family.  My stepsister lost her battle with diabetes.  She was a remarkable woman and courageous to the end.  I was able to travel to Buffalo for the funeral.  I'm so grateful it was early enough in the pregnancy that I was still able to go.  It was so good to mourn with family and hug those that loved her.

There were also some issues on campus delaying the program.  A young woman on campus passed away and then we got hit with a major snow storm.  A program that is normally eight days ended up going 12.  But it ended successfully.

Speaking of snow, we're in the middle of another winter storm.  It's a heavy, wet snow.  I was set to stay home today and the snow kind of cements the deal.  It sounds wimpy but it's mostly self-preservation.  I learned how to drive in Buffalo, NY and can handle being out on the streets.  I know to drive slow and defensively.  I also know what to do if my tires start to skid.  However, I don't think all people in the Philadelphia area follow this same MO. 
Since I last wrote, we also have our local baby shower.  Wow, my son is so blessed already!  We got a number of great clothes, a high chair, a sleeper swing, an exerciser, and a lot of other awesome things.  He also got a number of awesome homemades.  You know those are among my most favorite things because I know how much love goes into them.  I plan to share some photos in the near future!

I also went on retreat with my students this past weekend.  We do this every weekend and this time, it was back to the farm we use regularly.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know they have a number of animals.   The donkey is one of my favorites as she is a sweet soul and has been there since I first started visiting. 
The students always have such cool reactions to the animals.  Some of them have never seen farm animals before and have reservations or fear.  Some walk right up and start petting them.  It's always one of my favorite things about visiting there! 

What have you been up to? 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bathroom Success

Well, we have just about finished the bathroom!!  The electrician came on Friday and finished putting up the ceiling fan and installing outlets. I'm easily made happy I guess... we have 3 switches inside the door.  One for the light above the vanity, one for the ceiling fan and one for the light in the ceiling fan.  I feel so fancy!   

Today, we put up the towel bars, hook, and toilet paper holder.  For the shower, we used my old shower curtain rather than buying a new one.  We couldn't quite agree on one anyway.  And after all the costs, it's nice to save a bit on a curtain.
I've organized the linen cabinet and vanity.  I might have gone a bit overboard with organizing it.  I blame the label maker I got for Christmas.  Give a girl a new organizational toy and she'll try to find a way to use it!!  It feels good to have all of the bathroom stuff put away. 
We also put up a picture that is dear to my family.  This picture was painted for the family when my stepfather passed away.  I like that I'll be able to look at it everyday and think about him.
Yep, it's good to have a new and improved bathroom!  The only things left are a light fixture above the vanity and handles for the vanity and linen cabinet.  Those are things we can do without for a short bit.  

Now, work can continue on the kitchen.  Oh, slowly but surely it's all coming together! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sinks: Because They Are Important

Well, yesterday the plumber installed the sink and faucet in the bathroom.  And then they ripped out our kitchen sink and walls.  We gained a sink and we lost a sink all within a few hours.  The kitchen is down to the studs right now.  The electrician is coming tomorrow to wire things in both rooms: final wiring in the bathroom including the fan and initial wiring in the kitchen for lights and outlets.  Then we add drywall and flooring.  Ever so slowly we're getting there!  I'm mentally organizing and decorating the kitchen.  I know what color I want.  Okay, I'm planning a bit of it around my red Kitchen Aid mixer and casserole dish.  But why not?

And I am actively organizing the bathroom.  At this point, if I were my love I'd regret buying me a label maker for Christmas.  But oh thank goodness, I'm glad to have somewhere to organize!!  It feels so good to make the cabinets look pretty and feel like everything has a place.  With my home torn apart in other places, it's good to have everything put together there. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brrr, It's Cold in Here!

I had to quote Bring it On.... it's just mandatory today!  Like so much of the US, it's very cold here today.  It was about 6 degrees F (-14 C) this morning. The wind has been whipping about all day.  I was feeling under the weather this morning (stomach bug I think) and thus have been home all day.  I'm feeling better now but are not in any hurry to go outside or do much of anything. 

Rosy has been extra cuddly.  I'm not sure if it's the cold or the fact that she senses life is changing for her (she's been a bit more needy for a while).  I'm so interested to see how she handles a little one joining the pack.  I think she will be protective.  It's kind of her nature to be sweet and loving.  And I think she'll lick the little one a lot!  I think licking is how she hugs.  It's so fun to think about how she'll be!!  Today, she laid with her head on my stomach for a bit.  The boy kicked her in the head a few times but no movement.  So strange to me! 
Our bathroom is one more step towards completion.  The linen cabinet and vanity were installed yesterday.  Unfortunately, the plumber got backed up with other calls yesterday so no faucet yet but that should be done by tomorrow.  I'm antsy for them to reinstall the radiator too (brrr, this weather isn't making it warm in there!).  We are also waiting on the electrician to install a few additional outlets and the fan unit.  The last thing will be the cabinet hardware and towel bars!  And I can't wait to put the final little touches together.  I've been taking photos along the way (or Ted has) so expect a Flipagram once everything is done!! 

Hope, wherever you are, you are staying warm and enjoying life! 

Friday, January 3, 2014


Out and about this morning in the snow and cold
There is so much going on in these parts.  Luckily, I had a snow (actually, cold!) day today so I was able to get a few things accomplished.  The biggest of which was having our bathroom cabinets and sink top delivered.  Because planning a wedding and having a baby weren't enough for my love and me, we have decided to remodel the bathroom and kitchen this year.  Really, it was necessary due to a leak in the water line going into the bathroom.  And the kitchen on our home was quite old (metal cabinets people). 

The bathroom project started just before Thanksgiving.  They took the room down to the studs and even took out some of the sub floor and installed new.  Just after the holiday, they finished the walls, floor, tub and toilet install.  But then we were in a holding pattern waiting for the cabinets and sink to arrive.  Today was the day!!  Monday should be install day.  I can't wait to have a sink again.  I can't wait to organize the space (with my Christmas gift, a label maker.... yes, I might geek out).  And this woman is certainly looking forward to not bending her 6 month along body washing her hands in the tub. 

And, we're hoping to talk on Monday about the kitchen.  That's a project that will be going to the studs too.  And we're hoping to take out most of the wall between the kitchen and dining room so we have a more open floor plan.  I can't wait to have a working kitchen again.  The one in this house hasn't really been since I moved in this past May.  As a cook and baker, it's been tough.  But it will be worth it in the end.  (Yes, that's a mantra.)

Pictures will be shared here as things are completed (or almost completed because sometimes you just can't wait!)!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year Theme

Do you pick a word to help guide your year?  I've been doing so for about the last four years.  (Here's 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.)  I've been thinking a lot about a word for 2014.  I've brainstormed joy, challenge, growth, and happiness.  I've contemplated recycling celebrate.  I feel like the big things I know are happening in 2014 will be all of these things.  And after thinking about it a bit and reading some of what others have written about their word, I've decided to embrace "Possibility." 
Retrieved from Google Images, 1/1/14
Embracing and living possibility every day means living my best self.  It means knowing the possibilities in front of me as a wife and mother are exceptional and I need to strive to do my best.  Yes, I'll stumble.  I'll be learning how to navigate both roles.  We're never perfect.  But possibility can motivate me to move past my imperfect moments, knowing greater possibilities are ahead.  I look forward to how this word can guide my thoughts and actions.  Check back for updates!! 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hitting Refresh

Image retrieved from Google Images, 12/31/13
 I'm hitting refresh on the blog for 2014.  I know I have been absent for quite a while.  Life has been evolving - with many blessings and challenges - during that time period.  And I just haven't had the ability or time or energy or something to keep up with blogging.  I'm hoping for 2014 that will change.  As will the format and thrust of this blog.  I started A Rosy Outlook as a crafting blog.  And life and circumstances have led me away for crafting right now.  My home doesn't have the space for daily creating.  And anyway, I'm creating a home and life with my love.  For 2014, I'm hoping to chronicle some of that but also the creation of life we have going on.  Yes, 2014 will bring us a son.  We're so looking forward to meeting our little one this coming March (God willing) and introducing him to the wonderful family and friends we have in our life.  And 2014 will bring us a wedding.  My love and I are set to marry this coming May just outside my hometown of Buffalo, NY.  Wedding planning is underway with many of the big things taken care of.  Now, we can focus on the details - my favorite part of event planning anyhow.  Many joys and much to chronicle.  I hope to share this incredible journey I've been blessed with as we move into this new year....

Sunday, March 10, 2013


OCMD last summer - my photo, my words.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Table Happiness

I finished a new table runner for my kitchen. This came together fast! I tied it rather than quilting it, which turned out to be the perfect compliment for these fabrics. I really enjoyed putting it together - easy, fast and I like how the fabrics look together. Goodness knows I didn't need a new table runner but this will definitely get heavy rotation!

Now, on to a table runner for a friend's wedding.... Shhh!!