Tuesday, June 17, 2008

52 Projects (or something like that)

Ummmm.... so I have been thinking A LOT about what knitting project to take to Italy with me. I want something kind of easy for the bus rides. I want a bit of a challenge though. I don't want to buy new yarn for it (well, of course I want to buy new yarn but after that new catalytic converter my car demanded, yarn will have to wait). So, I've thought and thought about it. I've dug out stash, thinking I had the right thing. I worried about something falling off DPNs when I have to shove it away suddenly. And, finally this morning in the shower I had an epiphany (what is it about the shower really? I have the most amazing moments of clarity there!). I should make that top down raglan cardigan I have queued on Ravelry. I have a bunch of pink yarn left in my stash that I think (fingers crossed here people) will work. So, hopefully the mystery of the Italian project has been solved.

Of course all of that thinking (let me tell you, I'm tired) led me to think of additional projects I can do. Right now my list is:
- top down raglan cardigan (duh)
- Otto (coincidentally, my grandfather's name - and Toot inside out) for my friend's baby girl
- My fall/winter sweater with lovely yarn purchased at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (pattern TBD)
- dress with the red, white and blue fabric bought this weekend (laundered and ironed last night!)
- bamboo handled purse
- this little cardigan (Rav link)
- a tea cozy for my mom for Christmas

Okay, so that isn't quite 52 projects. But, I found this great book on Amazon that I simply must read. It's titled 52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity and I'm afraid it might inspire me to expand my list considerably. It is already in my shopping cart, waiting for my next Amazon binge. I love books that push me to think more creatively and use skills I don't consider my strengths. I see additional projects getting in line already....

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