Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Polka Dots

Life is good! Today was one of those relaxing days where you marvel at how you got so lucky.

I woke up this morning and went right to work on the sundress I was making. I worked from probably about 8 to 10 AM on the dress. It's finished!! Last night my kitchen table looked like this:

Now, I know that it not horribly messy - it's definitely been worse. My ironing board is in the bedroom, which requires walking back and forth (and back and forth) but keeps the kitchen less cluttered. Now, my table is pretty much cleared off, except for the sewing machine. (See the sad little dog... I think she'd rather I play with her!) I don't think there are any more sewing projects in the works before I head to Italy.

The dress came out great! I love the polka dots and variety of colors I can match to it. The final look, minus accessories, is this:

The dress is New Look 6457 in style A. I thought the directions they include were just so so but it's pretty easy to piece together what you should do without following them. Anywho, I can't wait to wear it on Monday!

After finishing that project, I headed out to WWKIP day at the The Knitting Store to work on another project and do my small part for knitting awareness. I was able to cast on a sleeve of the Minimalist Cardigan, since I cast off the left front late last night. (Woohoo!) I kept stumbling through the cast on because I got distracted. One of the things that holds me back from being overly social when I knit it public: I haven't quite mastered the art of knitting and talking. I guess that is something to aspire to.

From there, I met a friend for a late lunch. She was late, equaling more knitting in public. A stop at the grocery store for some lovely snow peas and now I'm home again. What a totally wonderful and productive day! I feel so lucky to have the freedom and life to be able to have just this type of day.....

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Smokey in the City said...

You look fab in that dress! Great work!