Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picture Perfect

I'm working on adjusting my body clock so this morning I got up and moving at 6 AM. Yep, early for me - especially on a Saturday. The perk is plenty of time to work on projects! I have been quite productive over the last couple of hours. The Minimalist is finished as of about 30 minutes ago - blocked, seamed and lovely. I had to fiddle with the shoulders a little to have them lay a little flatter after I seamed them on. But, overall wonderful!

I finished the purse I was working on last night. It came out quite cute. If I were doing it again, I'd definitely make some tweaks to the pattern. It was my own design so there's no surprise that it isn't quite perfect. ;-) There are a few things the perfectionist in me thinks could be better. I would definitely cut the fabric a little larger and seam the top better. But, I'm pretty happy and ready for it to make its little journey out into the world. I'm thinking the red seersucker would love the bullseye of Target....

Lastly, as promised a small picture of the wristlet I made with scrap quilted fabric. This little sucker is making the trip across the pond as I think she will be quite helpful if we are just running out for dinner or something. It will fit my camera, chapstick and a couple of other little things. The top isn't completely even, something I'd fix if I was to make this again. But, again, this was my own little design so of course the first one isn't going to be perfect.

My afternoon is going to be spent cutting out that red, white and blue fabric. I'm looking forward to getting started on the dress. And, I'm going to be a good dog mom and take Rosy for a long walk. (Goodness, I'm going to miss that little doggie when I'm in Italy! Last night she slept up on the bed with me and couldn't seem to get close enough.... such a sweetheart.)

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