Friday, June 20, 2008

Ring Around the Rosy and a Pocket Full of Sewing

A friend and I went to the men's gymnastic Olympic Trials last night. It was loads of fun - we had great seats and I enjoyed watching the event operations just as much as the gymnastics. The talent in that auditorium is just amazing - it's going to be a good year folks. We got home kind of late however.

I had started on the lining of the purse the day before and added the inside pocket yesterday before we left for the Wachovia Center. At 10:30 PM, I decided it was a wise decision to sit down at the machine again and do more sewing. Where is the wisdom in this decision, I'm not quite sure. I pieced together the outsides and started contemplating attaching the bamboo handles. The only thing that stopped me from completing this task was the thread jamming. While trying to clear the machine, I came to the realization it was after midnight. And my alarm was going to go off at 6:30. And that perhaps I should seek out some sleep before that happened. So, the lovely little bag is sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for me to finish her up and take her on a little outing. Tonight, my friend, you will be complete.

Pictures of her loveliness (seersucker - yay!) and my little wristlet will be forthcoming....

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