Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Siren Song of a Sale

Oy! The siren song from JoAnn's was too much for me to resist! Right now, it is the Firefly Frenzy Sale. I decided to check it out today. Now, I'm typically not overly impressed with their inventory of fabrics for clothes. But, 60% off is enticing. So, I wandered around for a while and ended up with this lovely red, white and blue fabric with flowers and anchors on. (Umm, the first thing I looked at....don't you love when you keep going back to the same fabric? It's like you found the perfect thing right away but still thought you might find something better. But, I digress...) The saleswoman said it would make a wonderful 4th of July dress. I agree - except I'll be on a plane that day and also don't think I'll be cranking out a dress before I head to Italy. But, then stranger things have happened, right? I think it will absolutely lovely with my red espadrilles. Woohoo!! Here's my bounty....

You'll see I also got some gorgeous green, maroon and purple upholstery fabric to make a purse out of. (It really is totally divine and I can't wait to make that purse!) I was looking for something a bit sturdier and think this fabric will be perfect. Of course, these lovely fabrics are waiting to be laundered so no cutting in my immediate future. I got some other things to replenish the stash - buttons, zippers, a quarter square, sewing machine needles, etc. Wonderful trip!

I also stopped at Bumble Beads to pick up some beads to match the necklace I made my friend for her birthday. I wanted to make some earrings as well. Of course, I also found this great leaf bead that I knew would be a lovely necklace for me. So, this afternoon I whipped this up.

LOVE!!!! I also made the earrings for the friend so the gift is all done and ready to be gifted.

I also think we might need to stage a little intervention for me. I am obsessed with making little zippy pouches. They are so darn fast to whip up and so perfect for carrying all of my little things. I made two yesterday - one for me and one for my friend. The striped pink, yellow and green fabric in the picture goes perfectly with my new knitting bag that I got for my birthday! If I make more, seek professional help please....after all, a girl can only use so many of those cute little suckers.

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madalyn said...

I really like the leaf necklace!