Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now We Are Cooking!

Today was an absolutely lovely day! I was able to wake up a little later than normal, knit a bit, and then run some errands. I went to the farmer's market in my neighborhood. I bought some locally grown sweet corn, a cantaloupe and a cucumber. The cantaloupe is already balled and ready to eat, as is the cucumber. I feel so lucky to have such a close farmers market to buy stuff at. I always prefer to support local growers and love getting fresher items.

I also stopped by the new location of my LYS, The Tangled Web. The new location is so beautiful.... bamboo floors, two floors and plenty of great knitting space. I definitely need to start going to the Friday knitting nights. I bought a skein of red yarn to start on a Christmas gift and some DPNs in yet another size. The yarn is a pure red, even if it doesn't look like it here. I'm itching to start knitting something else....

Speaking of which, the Mon Cheri Baby Sweater and I spent some quality time together today. After frogging back a little yesterday when I realized my knitting gauge was tighter than my knit/purl gauge, I made up for it today. The first sleeve in almost done and tomorrow I'm hoping to (at least) get 50% of the second sleeve done. So, it might not be completely done before the Tour ends but it should be darn close.

I also went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for my pasta sauce: onion, garlic, sauce base and mushrooms. I already had ground turkey, tomatoes and oregano. It is such a wonderful way to use the home grown tomatoes from my colleague and yields enough sauce to freeze some for later times. I also put a few shredded baby carrots in. They are an ingredient you can't taste but help sneak in additional nutrients. My recipe is so hodge podge... I throw things in, taste, and then repeat. I'm pretty much always happy with the outcome luckily. The afternoon was spent simmering this delish sauce.

I was talking to my mom this afternoon and was marveling at how pleased my father, who made a wonderful pasta sauce, would be that I am experimenting with my own recipe. He may no longer be with us but so much of him is with me, including my little cooking concoction.

My friend Katie came over in the mid-afternoon for our sewing lesson. We made a wrap skirt for her out of some cute maroon and cream fabric. For her first sewing project, I think she did amazing! The only thing I really did was the button hole. She had on a black top that she tried with the skirt and I thik it will be a cute and stylish outfit. I don't think she has completely caught the sewing bug yet but it might happen soon!

Katie stayed for spaghetti dinner. She had brought a salad and bread with her so we really had a delicious and filling spread. Luckily, she also brought dessert! Strawberries with chocolate was the perfect compliment to our dinner.

My knitting became coffee "table art" this evening (along with part of the basket my mother made). I enjoy this little burst of color calling me back to my knitting. Even though it is late, I might still go back to it for a little bit.....

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leah said...

What a super day! Your sauce looks yummy!