Friday, July 11, 2008

Seeking Foreign Yarn Stores

I took my friend on a little adventure trying to find a yarn store in Venice. If you have ever been to Venice, you know that you do not find places but rather merely stumble upon them. The search seemed futile. So, instead we grabbed lunch (Gotta keep your energy up when searching for yarn, right?). We found this great little place with cheap sandwiches that were absolutely delicious - 5 euros for sandwich and Coke. We found some steps going into a canal that were not utilized.... and made it a great little picnic place. I actually had my friend take a picture of me enjoying the sandwich, it was that darn good. And, we finish and I turn in my seat and.... HALLELUJAH!!!! There, right there in front of me, was the LYS! I swear there were angels singing or something. I was practically orgasmic. The shop is a little place called Lellabella. The owner is a great woman (see her in the doorframe?) - she doesn't speak much English but is quite willing to pull out ALL of her merchandise to help you find what you are looking for. I finally (much to her happiness, I'm sure) settled on some gorgeous green cashmere. It not a lot - 220 yards.
Yarn, like everything else in Venice, is expensive. But it is beautiful and will knit up into some lovely little FO that will remind me of Italy every time I use it. Happiness! I am accepting suggestions of projects if you have something you think would be delicious when knit up in this yarn.

I'm also happy to report a little more progress on the Mon Cheri sweater. I knit yesterday morning before work and a little last night. (The only thing that made me stop was the headache I couldn't get rid of.) I am modifying the pattern and adding buttonholes. I'm thinking perhaps some teal, yellow or green buttons. (Thoughts?) I'm hoping to make serious progress tonight and this weekend. I keep getting more and more excited about this little gift for Ellie. The only thing tempering that excitement is the knowledge I will have to use the DPNs to do the sleeves. I so am not a DPN fan.

Oh, and guess what I came back to my desk to yesterday? I was in a work meeting...and when it was over and I went back to my desk, there was a cardboard box there for me. When I opened it, this was inside:

Now, it truthfully isn't as exciting as it looks. I had a bracelet being fixed by Tiffany for some sort of "defect" in the chain. I asked them to mail it back to me, as I wasn't sure when I would get to the store again. So, they put it in a new pouch and then placed everything in a box with ribbon and mailed it to me for free. Even though it was just my bracelet that I've had for years, the box seriously made my heart sing. What a fabulous little surprise to come back to after a work meeting!

I'm looking forward to a knitting, fabric shopping and craft show weekend. Happy Friday everyone!


workthatwardrobe said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I got the chance to see yours and it is so, well rosy. And made me feel better.
It reminded me of our trip to Venice in 2006. We stayed in a campsite an hour away and spent the day in Venice. Even the kids loved it, especially the Vaporetta.
.....and the Tiffany box, sooooo cute!

belaybunny said...

I love how your rosy sweater is looking. good luck with your tour knitting ;)

mari said...

I love those little boxes, too.

I wish I had found that yarn shop in Venice when I was there last month.

Mel T said...

The dpns....think about this: at least you don't have to seam it!!!!

What a pretty color!

maya said...

i vote for teal buttons!

i'm enjoying your blog and so envy your trip to italy. i've never been, but i constantly dream about going.

and tiffany boxes as are so adorable on their own, who cares what's inside? :)