Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tour de France KAL project

For the Tour de France knit a long, I am doing the Easy Baby Sweater for my friend J's new little mon cheri E. This little kiddio is beyond cute. Here's mom and baby....

I'm using Cotton Classic that I had left over from my first sweater.

I cast on this morning and haven't gotten too far...mostly because I'm a slacker and find relaxing and moving stuff around my apartment is more appealing right about now. However, I'm definitely feeling more excited about the project since I began. Ellie will look darling in it! Plus, I love that new project phase. It's kind of like a new love - exciting, new, different, challenging, fun, interesting and full of possibilities. And, I feel like this little sweater for this little darling might just be true love.

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Laura said...

Little Ellie is definitely beyond cute! I am sure the sweater will be darling.