Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pure (Weekend) Happiness

What a wonderful weekend! Yesterday, I baked these lovely scones. I got the recipe from Emily's blog. They are so delicious and just the thing to start my weekend with. I put a little less of a glaze on them but they are still wonderfully yummy. I do think next time, I would make a half recipe because it made a few too many for just me.

Then, I spent a bunch of time knitting. The Mon Cheri Baby Sweater is plugging away. I don't have recent photo for some reason... tomorrow, I promise! In the afternoon, I headed out to meet up with my friend Katie and make a little journey to JoAnn's. I've been missing the sewing machine like mad and needed to get some fabric to feed my habit. (Hey, it's cheaper than crack and better for me too, right?) I got a couple of patterns as well. I have loads of brown linen so my plan is to make some drawstring pants and a little short sleeve jacket out of it. I also got some brown and pink fabric to make a dress. I've found my closet this year is overflowing with summer dresses, both ready and hand made. I would like another dress option for the, I have brown shoes I love that haven't gotten enough mileage this summer. And, I decided on yellow buttons for the Mon Cheri... They were the cutest baby-like ones on the buttons section. We also made a number of other little side trips.... Target, Wendy's for lunch and Blue Tulip. Good times!

Today was craft show day. I love love love a good craft show. Some of the stuff was really great.... I got a flattened wine bottle cheese tray for my stepsister's Christmas gift (We decided this is a great craft because you HAVE TO drink the alcohol first... really, no downside there), a green glass ring for me and some dried lavender with ribbon weaved in for my mom. I do think a bunch of the stuff was overpriced though. One of the jewelry vendors was selling necklaces for $120 and I think with beads, wire and labor, it was really only worth $50 to 60. I've become so much more a critic of that stuff since I've discovered how to make these things myself. There were also some sweaters that were SO not my style. Of course we mocked those. Since we are both knitters, we were fairly comfortable saying that a sweater vest made from acrylic blend is not worth $125.... Call us horrible people.

On a totally different note, my dog's allergies have been acting up. Yes, of course I have a dog with allergies. She gets super scratchy and ends up with tender skin that I have to clean. So, I've been prying her mouth open and shoving Benadryl down her throat (per vet's orders), gave her a bath and have been giving her more treats than normal. I hate when she doesn't feel good because I can't fix it. Today, we went to visit her cousins, my friend Alissa's dogs. She was totally fine there, not scratching like crazy. Now, she's all tired out. She did manage to con me out of money for a new toy before she passed out though.... it is a sheep so of course I couldn't say no!

Now, I'm just looking forward to watching TV, knitting and relaxing for the rest of the night.... I wish it wasn't the end of day on Sunday already. A longer weekend would offer me more opportunities to work all of these projects. Sometimes, work just gets in the way, you know?


workthatwardrobe said...

I enjoyed catching up with you. I am intrigued about the flattened wine bottle tray.

madalyn said...

One of my cats has allergies, too, so I understand. :)