Monday, August 11, 2008

Back From Buffalo - what a great trip!

The trip to Buffalo was wonderful! Good food, good friends, good times with mom, all around goodness.... I was able to eat at some of my favorite places. They are all essentially fast food places - Ted's has the best hot dogs in WNY, Anderson's has amazing roast beef (and chocolate milkshakes) and Tim Horton's has great Tim Bits and bagels. I also got down to Mississippi Mudd's for the sweet potato fries with honey and butter. Delish times!

So, the Olympics officially started when I was in Buffalo. I cast on my Ravelympics project at 8:15 AM on Friday, after dropping my car off for some work. I have a little less than 10 inches of the project done thus far and I'm totally loving this SATC inspired scarf. The colors are so fantastic and I'm totally going to love this with my swingy tweed coat this fall. And, it is Malabrigo yarn - who doesn't love working with such merino goodness! I plan to write up the pattern afterwards since I'm kind of freestyling it here... I got to watch some of the Olympics on Canadian TV. I love that about being in Buffalo. The Canadians are not as obsessed with the Americans performance (duh!) as NBC and give a fuller glimpse at the event. (And, you always get a little Newfie joke thrown in for good measure....) I am a gymnastics fan and have been enjoying both the men and women's events thus far. Swimming has been mindblowing - new world records! And, I'm looking forward to track and field. One of the competitors is from the town where my college is located so I'm hoping she has some screen time so I can root for her.

I also made a side trip to JoAnn's to buy the red fabric for the dress I'm planning to make for an event on September 13th. I'm attending a sorority's 90th anniversary celebration and their colors are red and white. I can't wear another group's colors so thus a red dress. I'm calling it my Little Orphan Annie dress since it will also have cream fabric. I'm using the same pattern again... making the blue style that is on the front.

Buffalo was cold! And rainy! I did not pack for the cold weather there and ended up at the Bon Ton department store to buy a sweater. Luckily, I had a coupon for about 30% off so I only spent $25. I wore this little deal for the past three days! We didn't get to golf because of the prediction of rain on Friday (which didn't happen). Luckily, we managed to fill our day with a number of other side trips.... jewelers for my birthday watch, chocolate shop for sponge candy, the bookstore, Dollar General to pick up some stuff for a charity project of my mom's and Target.

Speaking of rain, the flea market ended up being a bust on Sunday. Very few vendors were out because the weather was so dismal. I was hoping to find a bookcase but only found one option, which was overpriced for the quality. I did end up getting this sign for my kitchen, which I hung up promptly upon returning and really am loving! I have a Keuka Lake grapes label from a Georgetown flea market that I need to get framed to hang above this. The two will look great together. But for now, this is making me smile each time I walk to the fridge.

I came home to my photo scrapbook from Snapfish in the mail. I put together a book with a bunch of my Italy photos. The book is beautiful and I'm hoping to bribe people at work to look at it tomorrow. I also got the new catalog for the learning tree (continuing education center) by me. I'm contemplating taking the woodworking class this fall (and make my bookcase perhaps?). I have to check my calendar and my checkbook to see if it is feasible. I definitely will be taking a class this fall - I love to continually learn new things.

So, I guess I should go hunt up some dinner. I'll leave you all with this picture, taken from my mom's car, on the way to the flea market. I love the way the sky looks with the sun shining through. And, the road so easily signifies my long drive today....


leah said...

Glad the trip was so good (even if the weather wasn't cooperating) You definitely have a redish theme going on today :)

workthatwardrobe said...

Sound like a wonderful trip. So much packed into such a short time.
I am off to the gym now to watch the olympics while I'm on the treadmill. It makes me go that further!
Love the projects you have lined up especially the red/coral colour of that yarn.