Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blathering on About Non-Craft Stuff

I have a confession to make. I'm looking forward to the premiere of this new 90210. (Hangs head in shame) Now, I'm fully expecting to be disappointed. I mean, how can it stand up to the original? Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Donna and friends...something I watched for pretty much the duration of the show. The show started when I started HS, they graduated with me, Brandon and I served as student body presidents together.... ahh, the various hills and valleys of our lives. (Yes, perhaps I'm being a little too nostalgic about a TV show...) So although Kelly will be at West Beverly, it's not the same. The cast of character is different as am I. That said, it's 90210 - such a hallmark show of my youth. And, I'm looking forward to the premiere if only to look back at my past. (And who am I kidding, I'm really looking forward to Gossip Girl because their drama is so darn different from my life! That Blair and Chuck storyline keeps me intrigued....)


leah said...

I too am a huge fan of the original 90210. (although my parents never approved of me watching it....the characters were a few years older than I was) I think it will be interesting to see the what they do with the 'new' one.

Smokey in the City said...

I am totally going to watch it too!!! The class at W. Bev was one year behind me.

Dude and I still watch it - we bought the DVDs!