Sunday, August 17, 2008

Carpel tunnel can't keep me down!

Between yesterday and today, I feel quite successful. I didn't do much outside the house. I think that all weekend I only spent $20, and that was on groceries. But, staying in has just so many rewards. This morning was all about that cantaloupe and some chocolate chips muffins. Way too many muffins! I've already packaged a half dozen to take to work tomorrow.

I finished the green dress and I'm pretty darn pleased. I had to take in about an inch in the top of the back because it was too loose. Now it is a much better fit. The pink sash matches my raspberry shoes perfectly! (Photo of it on me to come tomorrow...) I'm looking forward to rocking the dress, shoes and my straw purse tomorrow.

I also cut out half of the red fabric to start the Little Orphan Annie dress. Since I now have a better idea of the fit for this dress, I'm making some adjustments in cutting. I'm hoping to finish cutting and start sewing this week. I'm pretty excited about this dress. I don't normally wear red so this is a departure for me and will hopefully something that sparks even greater confidence.... hmm, might be a good date dress....

I've also been plowing away on The Carrie Scarf. I am about half done, as are the Olympics so I should end right on time (minus blocking). I love the variegated color! I'm pretty excited about the final product, as allegedly long, chunky scarves are in this year.

Carpel tunnel has slowed me down today. I had to take a break this afternoon to put on a hand brace (and took a nap on the couch). I have had carpel tunnel issues for the last couple of years. Lately, it has been a little worse.... so I'm trying to self-treat. I do need to go to the doctors soon so I plan to bring this up and see what advice she might have. I'm also trying to do yoga more regularly again, thinking that might help.

Off to partake of the Olympics.... even though Michael Phelps is done, so much track and field is still to come (and more women's gymnastics!).


Meredith said...

When I first started learning to knit (a whopping two weeks ago) I started feeling carpal tunnel-y. It's really frustrating. Hope yours gets better soon!

leah said...

You're making super progress! The dress looks great!