Monday, August 4, 2008

My friend Laziness....

That big 'ol stealer of time, Laziness overtook my Saturday, not allowing me to accomplish quite as much as I had hoped. Laziness is a frequent visitor in my home sometimes. He likes to watch TV and eat junk food. He's bad news. He thinks you are rude when you use the sewing machine. He mocks knitting. (Yep, I tried poking him with the needle... didn't make a difference.) However, Laziness did allow me to do some cleaning and laundry on Saturday so I guess all was not lost.

I guess it was only a day visit by my friend Laziness, as my Sunday was more productive. I tried to make up for Laziness's visit a little. I made this cute little birdie for my mom from this pattern. I used a pretty simple fabric on the top of the bird because that is more my mom's style. There are also a couple of things I'd tweak the next time so the beak comes out better. I am planning to make a bunch more of these, with catnip, for my friends cats.

I also worked briefly on the Duro dress. The back and shoulders are together. Then, I got to a place in the pattern where my brain wasn't computing the directions and I thought it was probably a sign to stop before I did something that required quality time with the seam ripper. I'm hoping to work on it a little bit more tonight. (Internal voice talking: I will figure this out.... I will figure this out...)

I did finish the 2nd 2nd sleeve (Hallelujah!) on the Minimalist Cardigan. I was beginning to think this might be the sweater that will not die. I did short sleeves before, seamed everything and then decided that the poofiness dictated long sleeves. So then I worked on those, finishing the second one yesterday. Then, seaming. I double checked everything to make sure I had it right before seaming the sleeve on. I finished the seam, weaved in the ends and discovered I'm an idiot. Yep, you guessed it. I put the sleeve on inside out even though I freaking checked. So, I ripped out the seam and decided an ice cream break was in order. After that commenced, I finished the 2nd sleeve installation (correctly this time) and had my finished object. As much as I love that yarn, I'm so glad to have that sweater done. It really was threatening to last forever.

As for the scarf out of that cashmere yarn, I think I've made a decision. And, surprisingly (or not if you know me), it isn't either of those two patterns. I think I'm going to make this. A huge thanks to Leah for suggesting it! I cast on last night and got through the first six rows. It looks lovely and should be work well with the yarn on my size 10 1/2 needles. Of course, I made a mistake in the first six rows so I frogged the whole thing and hope to cast on again today. But, I'm pretty excited about this pattern and think it might be just the perfect thing for my Italian cashmere.

As exciting as all of this was, probably the highlight of my Sunday was spending about an hour and a half in the park in my old neighborhood. Rosy's groomer is over there so while she was getting her pedicure and haircut, I sat on a bench and read. Sunday was a cool day with a wonderful breeze. There was a drum band practicing in one corner and four men playing chess in the center. A family picnicked behind me. A young woman, new to town, called old friends to check in. A couple of small dogs ran around, greeting people and sniffing every square inch of the park. It was truly a beautiful way to spend my afternoon.

I'm gearing up for an exciting week but probably one of little crafts. Tomorrow I go to the Phillies Stitch and Pitch baseball game. This is actually the first major league game of my life. (People seemed shocked by this. I don't really like baseball people. And, I haven't lived in a town with a major league team before.) Wednesday night I need to pack up everything that is traveling to Buffalo with Rosy and me. And, Thursday we are off for a short visit with my mom! We're driving up so I've taken out a loan for gasoline and got the requisite oil change. I've packing the knitting projects (too many for the short time I'm there.) All should be in order minus packing my clothes. I can't wait for the cooler weather and great food!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Occasional Laziness is A Good Thing- it allows you to recharge your batteries (something we hardly ever allow ourselves to do).

Enjoy the ball game (baseball bores me to tears, but I've gone to a couple of pro games and they can be fun- especially if you get to take knitting along).

leah said...

I call that relaxing not laziness (maybe I'm in denial) I'm so glad the pattern works for you!!! I'm looking forward to seeing it! The sweater looks super...I was seems you just finished a sweater! :) Enjoy your week...sounds like you have lots of fun planned!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

He visits at our house too. On a Saturday is the worst though when you feel that you have a million things to do.

workthatwardrobe said...

You call laziness a friend and I think you are right. We all need to be easy on ourselves for time to time. But sounds like you made up for it.
Have a great week.

kasiaiscarly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I only dabble in sewing. I'm pretty sure I'd have a breakdown if I had to rip the seams out on an entire garment! I'd be too scared, so I'd have to live with 'so so' :)