Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rooting for the Home Team!

So that sweater from the last post... I think I wanna make this sucker. I'm just not totally sold. I have a couple of book I want to look through before I go out of my way to purchase a new book for that pattern. Ahhh decisions, decisions... to think that when I finally make a decision on the pattern, I'll have to pick out yarn.....

The Carrie Scarf is coming along. I worked on it a bunch last night while watching Michael Phelps re-write history and the American women do their silver thing in gymnastics. I'm totally loving the cables. When I first started knitting about a year ago, I did not believe cables could be as easy as they are. Yes, the cable needle can occasionally be a pain, like when it falls out of the stitches on yarn that doesn't "stick." But, overall they are just so much fun and worth the small amount of extra effort required to have such lovely stitches. I've also been working on the Anything But Basic Black Cardigan, although not as much as I'd ideally like to (darn job, gets in the way of everything crafty!).

That said, I did get home early today after Rosy's vet appointment. I cut out the fabric for my dress. It's such green yumminess that I can't wait for it to be done. I'm seriously trying to do this one reaaaaaallllllly slow so that I can ensure it comes out as fabulous as possible. I am trying not to focus on the FO as much as I normally do. I so totally love the fabric.....oy, I'm itching for it to be done so I can take it's loveliness out for a twirl.

The Olympics had me awake until 12:30 AM last night. Biting my nails while watching nonetheless. I love love love gymnastics. I was really hoping the American women (girls?) would pull it out in the end. I even found myself, much to my dismay, hoping one of the Chinese women would fall down during the floor routine. Silver is a great color (quite honestly more MY speed than gold). And any Olympic medal is a great accomplishment. And I do believe that my country doesn't need to and shouldn't win everything. But I also believe the Chinese cheated (cheater cheater pumpkin eater!) by putting girls under 16 on the team. I'm pretty certain that it doesn't really matter.... it's pretty clear that the IOC is willing to trust China. Anywho, I'm hoping I don't end up sucked into the Olympic coverage tonight.... sleep is a a good thing.

Sorry for my post of tangents.... my brain has been all over the place today. I have so many balls in the air at work and really don't feel like juggling any of them. As I say to Rosy, "focus." It's good advice I should take.... (BTW, I should probably add I tell her that when we go outside for her to do her business. I won't do "my business" when telling myself to focus - promise!)

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leah said...

I too have been up to late caught in the olympic drama. The sweater looks very similar to the one you posted about except for the hood. The cables look super!!!