Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stitch and Pitch Funness

Last night was the Stitch and Pitch. It was truly loads of fun, even if the Phillies played like crap. I went with my friend Katie. (See, aren't we cute?) Of course, we planned on doing the All American thing of playing way too much for a shriveled hot dog and a Coke with too much ice. Even though dinner was not delicious, it was. Because those very things are the true essence of baseball in the US.

There were about 4 sections of knitters and families. They also had a boatload of door prizes. I went away with a Namaste knitting tube as well as the free tote bag they were giving out to all Stitch and Pitch folks.

I cast on a new cardigan sweater while there. I got this great (and splity) raspberry yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year. I've been saving it for a fall sweater and decided why not throw another project into my queue! So, I'm looking forward to continuing with this project. (I even got some quality knitting in while spending 45 minutes with the IT guy on the phone today trying to fix my office computer.)

I have to say one of my big highlights of the game was the woman with the mullet sitting four rows in front of me. I'm really quite a simple girl and nothing makes me smile quite like a lovely mullet. Seriously. Who knew people in Philly were still sporting the mullet?

Between the people watching and the knitting, I don't think I watched a stitch (pun intended) of the game. There was just so much else to do - talk to others about their projects, knit a row in the service project or eat some water ice.

For my first major league game, it was a great experience! And, although I wouldn't seek out the opportunity to attend more baseball games, I'd definitely do another Stitch and Pitch. And, perhaps the Phillies will play better against the Marlins today than what they were showing the fans last night!


Smokey in the City said...

I couldn't go to Pittsburgh's Stitch 'n Pitch and after hearing about your experience, I'm sorry I missed it!! Sounds like a good time.

leah said...

Sounds awesome! How wonderful to have people nearby passionate about what you love! It would be way too hot to knit outside here! :)

workthatwardrobe said...

Stitch and pitch, now I know what it means. Glad you had a good time and well done with the prizes.

Kara said...

What a perfect way to spend a summer night. I love a good hot dog at a baseball game. And everything is better when you throw knitting into the mix.