Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Tropical storm Hanna decided to grace Philly with her presence. As such, very little of my time was spent outside today. Rosy wasn't even interested in going for a walk this afternoon - and that is a first! I got up this morning and knit for a while. Then I got bored and switched to sewing the Little Orphan Annie dress. Then I knit some more. (And, you can probably guess what comes next...) Aside from the side trip to lunch with a friend and a stop at the grocery store, that is pretty much all I did.

The dress is half done. The front skirt needs to be gathered and attached. And, then the sleeves need to be attached and the bottom needs to be hemmed. I should definitely be done with it by next Saturday. It's a Wrap sweater is also coming along. I'm probably about 10 inches in. My plans for the evening involve a little more time with this project.

Tomorrow I have a road trip to make.... be back on Monday!


Anonymous said...

I hate when it rains on the weekend.

When Fay came through, we have five straight days of rain. I thought I was going to go nuts!

Glad Hanna wasn't as bad as it could have been, but sorry that you were stuck inside all day.

workthatwardrobe said...

You made good use of the rain; can't wait to see the result of your hard work.

Iron Needles said...

Thanks for the understanding of one sufferer for another. I appreciate it. It's a club that I would rather not belong to.