Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

So, I inherited a brand new printer/copier/ scanner today. Woohoo for new toys!! A toy that will be useful in blogging. A toy that gives me the opportunity to get old photos on my computer (and potentially embarrass others and myself with our less than stylish past). So, big excitement in my house!

Anywho, so I wrote about that book I got from the used bookstore on campus, Shabby Chic. Well, I just keep loving this book more and more. This photo at left is a desk I just absolutely adore! Really, I love the whole room - shelves, desk, vase, everything! I feel like it inspires my nesting side and helps me to think of new ways to make my home more comfy, creative and pretty.

I love this little saying on humility, also found in the book. I love the writing underneath - "What I inspire to." It truly does reflect my day today. "To be at rest when no one praises me." I just so identify with that line. I continue to remind myself that an item or program is not great because someone says great things about it, but because of how much of myself I committed to it.

The It's A Wrap is about 1/3 done. Last night I had no knitting time since I worked until about 9:30. (Great student run event. Much fun!) I am really hoping to move the sleeve stitches to scrap yarn tonight!

I totally creeped out one of my students last night when she was wearing a similar sweater. I walked up to this young woman, unknown to me (although I did know those she was with), and asked if I could see her sweater because I was working on something similar. Poor thing didn't know how to react. She truly had a great little sweater though!

Oh, and I'm thinking about teaching a non-credit class at work, "Intro to Knitting." I am hoping to have a student co-teach with me. It would be four weeks but could be a boatload of fun for me. I find I am so much better at everything in my life when I'm involved in teaching something to others. More to come!


leah said...

I love that you went up to the girl to examine her sweater!!! Teaching that class sounds so fun!

Jillian said...

The class sounds great. I hope you get lots of interest in it if you decide to teach it!

Anonymous said...

Teaching a knitting class sounds like fun.

At what university do you teach? Are you at U of P?

DH was a student at Temple before we moved to Florida. My MIL graduated from U of P.

workthatwardrobe said...

What a lovely post. I taught my four children to knit (including three boys) and they loved it. Not that they kept it up. But it was great fun to do.

Meredith said...

That would be really neat to teach a class!

I've always thought it would be a lot of fun to teach a crochet class to kids. I think kids can gain so much from that. But my skill def. aren't up to teaching level yet!

Jewel said...

Does the book tell you how they painted that desk? You didn't say did the girl knit her sweater?

Iron Needles said...

The quote is one of my favorites. Part of it was in my daily reading this morning, and is called the humility prayer in the 12 step group I attend. There is a great lesson in it for me.