Thursday, September 11, 2008

When Dust Bunnies Mate

YAY for getting home at a reasonable time. It makes getting my craft on so much easier! I was able to finish the body of the Little Orphan Annie dress. I started working on the sleeves. When I got to the gathering, the bobbin ran out of thread. The only steps left are sleeve gathering and attaching and then hemming. Since I was getting to that point where my bottom was saying "Soft seat Stacy..a soft seat please," I decided to take the lack of thread as a sign to move elsewhere.

So abandoning the sewing machine for a bit, I contemplating knitting the It's a Wrap before determining perhaps I should give the Swiffer a bit of a workout. See, the thing is I'm having a bunch of people over on Sunday for a little Silpada jewelry party. I have to work tomorrow and then again Saturday morning. Then, I need to make a trip to my favorite grocery store in the whole world and stock up on fan-tab-u-lous treats for Sunday (I'm thinking the super easy macaroons, cheese and crackers and a fruit tray.... and maybe make the cherry cake mix I have). Then my super wonderful friend Laurel is coming for Saturday night. So, the cleaning of the home needs to be done sooner rather than Sunday morning. Clean away I did. Rosy of course determined she could help by rolling around like a crazy dog on the carpet and dropping toys right in the path of the Swiffer - sweet, huh?

With a cleaner home and a dress mostly done, I'm chilling on my couch and thinking about where I shall hide my many skeins of yarn come Sunday....


leah said...

Sounds like a productive evening!

Karen said...

Always a wise plan to hide the stash when company's coming. I find I get odd looks when I don't. As in, "What in the name of all that's holy do you DO with all of that???"
Better to just hide it and avoid awkward questions.
Have fun!

Laurel said...

Oh, don't clean for me! We can both do it before sparkle time on Sunday :)