Friday, September 5, 2008


Yeah, that knit, knit, knit post.... I haven't managed to accomplish that yet. I've been cutting out the Little Orphan Annie Dress and baking this berry cobbler after being inspired by this blog post. I had some frozen berries with lots of frost on them. What better way to use them than turning them into a delicious cobbler?

It's kind of a hodge podge of ingredients.... no specific recipe used. (So who knows, it might taste yucky when I eat it later... but I doubt it!) I guess I should start knitting now!


Iron Needles said...

Oh, that cobbler looks yummy! Sounds like you have a good weekend plan doing lots of sew-ey, knitty things. Have fun!

One Shabby Chick said...

it looks yummy :-)


Meredith said...

Looks so yummy! mmmm

Anonymous said...

The cobbler looks delicious! How was it?

I love the cloth underneath! I used to have a pillow made from similar fabric.