Saturday, October 4, 2008

And Now That it is Fall....

I have signed up for Blogtoberfest!!! It's being coordinated by Big Cat's Emporium (fantastic little blog.... run on over folks!) and asks that participants try to post every day in October. Now, the bit of German in me can't turn down the celebration of October. And, since I don't particularly like beer, this seems the better option than a traditional Octoberfest.

Also, in celebration of harvest time, I've been working on the eggplant dress. It is about half done. The pattern is See & Sew B4957 and it quite honestly is flying together. I'm making the v neck version. It should be ready to wear before the start of the work week. I, of course, already have most of the outfit picked out (tights, I can't wait to wear tights!).

Also, a new little math formula for you all:
Being sick + coupon offers on email = buying new fabric

Last night I got an email from with their 15% off coupon for the weekend (it's Frisky if anyone is interested) and bought some hunter green wool crepe in order to make a dress. The clincher was shopping on Vogue patterns, going to pay and having the pattern be FREE!! I'm not sure why it was but I am only paying shipping! Woot woot! So, I got this pattern to make a dress (no jacket) out of.... can't wait. I need more dresses in my fall clothing lineup so this shall help.

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leah said...

Sounds fun! and looking forward to hearing from you daily! :)