Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feeling Scrappy?

As you may have noticed, I try to be an optimist. I think it makes me a happier person overall. And, as I came home sick again today, thank goodness there were a couple little packages of happiness waiting for me. The hunter green wool crepe and brown lining I ordered from was sitting on top of the mailboxes, having been dropped off by UPS earlier in the day. Isn't it lovely? This is the dress I'm going to make with the fabrics. Now if the pattern would get here, I'd be all set. And, this time I'm making the larger size for sure!

I also received my scrap packet from the Scrap Challenge at Jennifer's blog. There are 10 scraps of fabric all together and I have to use all of them in whatever I make. I got some great little pieces and have a couple of ideas in mind. I'm torn between a bag, placemats and a quilted runner for my night stand. I simply adore the bird fabric and know it will have a prominent place in whatever I make. I have two weeks to make something so I plan to ruminate on it for a little while... (If you are interested in seeing what people are making, there is a flickr group here.)

In other news, I got some quality knitting time on the It's a Wrap sweater last night during the presidential debate. With so much hanging on this election, it was good to knit as it kept my blood pressure even! I'm now at the point of putting the second set of stitches on scrap yarn.

And lastly, I finished the Christmas gift for my friend. So, one thing crossed off the October list! It came out pretty darn cute and I hope she will love it. (She reads the blog so no pictures....sorry!)


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

workthatwardrobe said...

The dress is great. If I had the time I would have a go myself. Good Luck.
And stay wellxxxxx

Rose said...

the debates are indeed prone to raising the blood pressure this year. that bird fabric is adorable!

little red hen said...

I like the dress pattern too!

Maria Rose said...

Yes, that bird fabric is amazing! I love it.