Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Highlights of My Day (so far)

  • Rock candy. I went to the new candy store on campus today (and bought the worst hot chocolate I've ever had) and got some rock candy. It always reminds me of childhood and happy memories. And, now I have a sugar high!
  • Good friends. I was able to IM with a friend today and help with a work related challenge. It's nice to be of assistance to those you care about.
  • A fantastically (I love that "word") juicy orange. There is a fruit stand on campus and I got a delicious orange as part of my lunch. I love the availability of fresh fruit right across the street from my office.
  • The idea of knitting while watching tonight's presidential debate. It's keeping me going right now!
  • My hair doing it's thing today. Yep, good hair days are nice.
  • Sunshine. 'Nough said.

As a total aside, I'm leaning towards the fact that the Eggplant dress might not be save-able for me. It really is lovely however. If anyone is a US size 12/14 and interested, email me. If I can't save it for myself, it will be yours!


leah said...

Here's sending you good dress vibes hoping you can "make it work!"

Anonymous said...

Rock candy was one of my favorite candies when I was a kid!

That and Pixie Stix.

Erin said...

all of that sounds wonderful. especially the orange. :)

CC said...

The rock candy is the best..haven't had any in ages..

workthatwardrobe said...

What are good hair days - I'venever had one myself!