Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SSS? Nope, just a little bit of discipline

Some may think I have Second Sock Syndrome because I haven't cast on yet. But I don't. I'm making myself work on the It's a Wrap sweater instead. Casting on the second sock is a privilege reserved for success on the sweater. I've actually made a bunch of progress. I have about 5 inches left on the body and then I can do the sleeves. I think it would be a quick knit minus the procrastination. Hopefully that means a second sock soon!


Anonymous said...

Go, Stacy, go!

Get that sweater done! Yeah, sweater.

Just cheering you on a little bit. Hope the knitting goes quickly.

workthatwardrobe said...

It is good to motivate yourself in whatever way you feel is right.
Having one very cold foot may be just the incentive you need to "wrap" everything up.

leah said...

way to go! I have to at least cast on (so those needles can't be used for anything else) I'm glad you don't have that problem!

Maria Rose said...

Procrastination can be so sweet, but there is always a time to move on.