Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!

I arrived through the snow safely to Buffalo, NY yesterday and have had the great opportunity to enjoy my mother's company since then. This morning, she and I did Meals on Wheels. Now the turkey is cooking, the parade has been watched and the table pre-set for dinner tonight.

May you all be blessed with the love of family and friends, faith and hope for your future and the warm recognition of the blessings in your life. And, I thank you for being a part of my life.

For those that I share a country with enjoy your holiday!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a safe trip.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Chooks'r'us said...

Hope you enjoyed your day with your mum. I really like the idea of Thanksgiving day and I'm thinking I might swap it for Christmas.

Jane said...

It sounds wonderful - have a safe trip home.

Maria Rose said...

I think that is so great that you did Meals on Wheels. What a wonderful way to spend your Thanksgiving.