Monday, December 22, 2008

Dee inspired me to share the birds on my Christmas tree...
This dove that I've had for a long time. I think it was a gift from my Uncle Bob some years ago. He was a special man - an actor, a former priest, and a kind heart.
Another done, on plastic canvas. I'm not sure why this one is from.
This was one of those old cloth cut-outs that my mom made in the 80's... love him.
Sequins and sparkly tail. He's part of my clip on bird collection. (Sorry the picture is kind of blurry.)
And lastly, a bird from my grandmother's tree. I never knew my father's mother but am lucky enough to have this ornament, her rocking chair and her Bible. I love getting this out every year and thinking about the type of woman she was. The wear of the paint reminds me how precious family is and how successive generations sometimes lose a little of our history but the underneath remains true to the family spirit and values.


Maria Rose said...

What a beautiful post! I never knew my Grandfather, but I felt connected to him through his possessions.

leah said...

How fun to see all the different birds!

Anonymous said...

Very cute birdies.

I have a wristwatch of my Granddad's that I had fixed and I wear once in awhile.

It's probably from the 20's and has a few dings from a man that worked hard for a living. It reminds me when I wear it that I could not do better than to be like him.

Rose said...

how sweet! i love the bird theme--they symbolize so many wonderful things.