Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Rush of Things Going through my Head...

- Aren't those the sweetest little eyes? I'm so glad this little love and I aren't traveling this holiday season. It's nice to be home!
- Wondering what day my mom and I are going to go to Longwood Gardens when she is here. Perhaps the 24th for some pre-Christmas lights... oh, and a swing past a winery maybe!
- I am loving the blowing snow... wish there was no rain mixed in right now.
- I put my sewing machine away for a bit to clean off the kitchen table for holiday baking. I miss it. Oh, and I want to make holiday napkins.
- I need to buy a skirt pattern for the extra hunter green wool crepe I have. Maybe a holiday break project?
- I need to figure out NYE plans. Preferably somewhere fancy....
- Must.knit.sock.
- I so love clementines at this time of year. I eat two per day... delish!
- I hope the contractors still deliver the chocolate covered yumminess that our office typically gets each Christmas. That said, I'd rather they spend the money on keeping people employed.
- What have I done today? And why have I been so busy doing it?

ETA: The chocolate covered yumminess came today! Oreos, marshmellows, potato chips and more. Yum!

What's keeping your brain in motion today?


Maria Rose said...

I am eagerly anticipating a visit to my parent's house next week. I can't wait to see them.

Iron Needles said...

I got to go to Longwood Gardens in September, and thought it a wonderful example of botanical gardens. I try to visit gardens in any city I visit, so I have seen a dozen or so. Not an expert, but I know what I enjoy!

madalyn said...

Chocolate covered potato chips?