Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Totally Rocked....or Why it is Nice to Get Away

Wonderful things were accomplished or done over the Thanksgiving holiday trip to Buffalo.
  • Visited with my aunt, uncle, stepsister, three friends (two college and one elementary/middle/high school friend), and some other family friends.
  • I was able to eat some delicious, authentic chicken wings during one of those visits.
  • Got this knitting done on my scarf. The colors here don't look quite as wonderful as they do in person. It's Malabrigo yarn and the colors are a combination of brown, maroon, and dark purple. It's about half done and will probably travel to CO with me so I can finish it there.
  • Finished a book and worked on another. Read all of In Style magazine.
  • Slept in every day.
  • Bought holiday gifts for my office staff at two Buffalo area staples.
  • Ate some sponge candy.
  • Dyed two pairs of jeans, a denim skirt and a shirt. The denim is now a darker, more flattering wash and the shirt is a nice green color (looks good with my eyes!).

On the way to Buffalo, little dog and I stopped at a rest area and there was snow. Gosh, she thinks it is among the best stuff ever! She stuck her face in and shook it back and forth. Sadly, that was the only snow she got the whole trip.

I came home yesterday and promptly pulled out a bunch of my Christmas decorations. My front door now warmly greets people with a "Jingle All the Way" sign and my living room is infused with snowmen and a couple of Santas. I'm debating a tree, since my mom is coming here.


Meredith said...

Oh how sweet in the snow!!

Anonymous said...

Go for it! Get the tree!

Your pup looks adorable in the snow.

Maria Rose said...

Sounds lovely. I am with you on the tree debate. I have gone for a tiny tree in the past...

Iron Needles said...

It is good to get away, and good to get back home, isn't it?

Laura said...

Love, love, love the photo of Rosy in the snow! What a sweetheart. Definitely get a tree. Definitely.