Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby... Get a Hold

Last night, I got home quite late from work. My 6:15 meeting ran until 8:30. (Luckily it was quite productive.) Thank goodness I went into work a little late because poor puppy would have had her legs seriously crossed otherwise. I was pushing it as it was.

In walking her around the block, I had to avoid some serious sheets of ice on sidewalks. Towards the end of the block, I couldn't avoid it. I tried to walk carefully over some ice that was essentially as smooth as an ice rink after the Zamboni has gone through. Whoosh I went to the side, landing on my left hip under the bumper of a car. Pop went my ear muffs right off my head! It was not pretty. Although I was quite sore last night, today isn't too bad - just my hip and knee hurt now. That, my friends, I can managed. However, we aren't walking that block again tonight!


leah said...

You poor dear! That sounds like something I would do too! Glad you got home in time to help poor Rosy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a good soak in the tub, some ibuprofen, a good cup of tea and a book (or knitting if you are careful).

Watch your step tonight when you walk Rosy.

Mitchell said...

Ouch! My hip hurts just reading this! Been there, done that, got the bruises...hope yours heal fast.

Jane said...

Oh do take care!
I hope this helps - I've awarded you a special blog for attitude - drop by and collect!

Maria Rose said...

Oh yeah, I am notorious for falling on ice...or just falling in general. I feel your pain!