Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

The inauguration of a President means so many different things. The peaceful transition of government, something we as Americans take for granted, is a remarkable and rare process. It is an event that signifies what this country was founded on, what our forefathers fought to bring to fruition and what generations of Americans went to war to protect. As the reins of government are handed from one man to the next, one party to the next it all is done without worry or incident.

The inauguration of Barack Obama signifies a restoration of hope for me. I believe in the best this country has to offer – the promise of freedom, the protections of civil liberties and compassionate care for the citizens. I believe the charismatic, visionary and progressive leadership that Obama has shown throughout his service to this country offers great promise for restoring our place in the world, living up to the protections of the Constitution and moving the country towards a more unified place.

I look forward to supporting President Obama. As a citizen it is my responsibility to assist, challenge and voice my concerns regarding the politics and leadership of my country. Although I will not always agree with the President I will stand behind him, respect him and follow him. Inauguration means so many things but most of all a willingness to believe in the best possibilities for our future.