Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skirting Around the Issues

Well, yesterday morning I decided to finally finish this skirt. The hem is in, although a little more visible in parts than a blind hem should be. I'm not overly thrilled with it as the hems lie a little wonky when on. I ironed it, which helped. I'll probably wear it this week and see how it lies after a full day.
Align CenterI also finished New Moon last night - well, early this morning actually. After being busy all afternoon and evening, I started the end at 11:15 last night, bound and determined to finish. So, on to book 3 today....

And, perhaps a little knitting later on.

What are you up to this Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Watching the Eagles! :-)

(my verification word is sacks --- Let's hope that applies to Eli not Donovan)

Jane said...

That skirt looks great quality.

Maria Rose said...

I think the skirt looks lovely.