Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interfacing! And Buttons....

A suit jacket will soon be born! I visited JoAnn's and bought some interfacing this afternoon so I can now cut out the last piece, set up the sewing machine and churn out that little coat I've been waiting on. And I'm thinking it might be just the thing for the impending warmer weather. Although the fabric is wool, I think it is lightweight enough to be a good topper.

I also got my hair cut and highlighted today. I'm kind of loving it. And as the highlights fade a bit, I think I'll love it even more. Yay!

What have you done this Saturday?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slacker... That's Me

By the time I finish this sweater I'm working on, it will be April and too warm for a wool sweater. And it will languish in my storage chest until next fall. Such is life I guess. I just feel bad. I want to spend more time knitting. I just have not been able to lately. Since I got home from the conference, I have been working late and trying to go to bed early in order to be rested. Tonight, instead of knitting I cleaned my bathroom. (Lemme tell you how much it needed it... A LOT!)

I feel like my crafty passion hasn't been used lately.... and quite honestly it is a bit stifling. I like the crafty influence in my daily goings on. I need that outlet for my energy and for my mind to work properly. So that said, the plan for this weekend is:
  • haircut, style and highlights (so I can be pretty),
  • Rosy's little grooming appointment (so my dog can be pretty),
  • a trip to JoAnn's for interfacing,
  • and then I can work on my little suit coat,
  • a bit of knitting,
  • And maybe in time allows, a little piecing together of some quilt blocks.
Really, that all would be pure bliss!

P.S. BTW, I'm watching Obama talk to Congress.... wowzers, his style so different from Bush's.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Again

I've been out of town since Tuesday attending conference in Hartford, CT. The above picture is of my friend Laurel and me from the awards banquet last night. I had a great time in CT but it was wonderful to come home today!! I'm still missing little dog, as she is staying at a friend's until tomorrow. (And today is her little doggie birthday.... not that Rosy knows that.) But at least I'll be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Absolutely no knitting got done while I was there... I was conference staff and was pretty much always busy. Gosh, I've been missing actual crafting. I hope to get back on the wagon this week folks!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Plans Changed

Due to some unforeseen issues at work (we had a couple of college students diagnosed with meningitis and gave preventative antibiotic treatment to a slew of others), my weekend plans end up scrapped in favor of staying on campus and helping out. It was too bad but a necessity. So I still don't have interfacing. I didn't get to go to see He's Just Not That Into You with my friend. Or visit the winery. However, it was one of those work things where you feel your presence was beneficial in some small way. And, I'm left tired but pleased to have helped out.

I'm also pleased that on Friday when I realized that the weekend plans were going to the wayside, I found a little package on my office desk. Inside were these:
I ordered these from daffodil hill on Etsy. I was looking for additional fabrics for the quilt and found these in Candice's store. I think the timing was perfect.... I needed the pick-me-up and fabric arrived. Ahh, lovely!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Glory of the Cloudy Walk

I don't know if I ever wrote about my love affair with clouds. I simply absolutely love them. There are so many different shapes and colors and "textures."

I took this picture on my walk with Rosy this morning at 6:45. I love how dark and fast moving it was. I love the shape. Really I just marvel in the overall beauty.

Hope you can enjoy some beauty in nature today...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

I was all set to work on the wool suit coat tonight. All of the wool pieces were cut out already. I just had two pieces of lining to cut out and some interfacing. I thought, all happily, that it would be fun to do a little sewing tonight and perhaps, just perhaps, this little jacket would be ready to go to CT with me next week. Well, I am short interfacing. I need two additional small pieces. However, they are just a wee bit larger than the what I have. Curses! Plan foiled. I'm seriously hoping I can convince my friend to swing by a JoAnn's on Saturday (Laurel, are you reading this?) so I can pick up some interfacing and sew a bit on Sunday.

So, with one craft down for the count, I moved on to the knitting. That little circular needle is treating me much more nicely. I completed another set of rows on the back of the sweater. I am hoping to knock out another set of rows or two tonight....

The stain glass project is completed and in the mail to Mom. She's going to be surprised when she opens that little Valentine's box! Wonderful!

What's going on in your crafty world?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Danger Will Robinson Danger

Seriously.... I can now blog from the iPhone. This could be bad people. You could become privy to my most ridiculous thoughts. Be forewarned!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse

A wee bit of productivity in my Sunday. I cast on this lovely little sweater last week and then it lay in the knitting basket with the other UFOs. (I like to imagine they have nice little conversations about things they hope to see one day and the like.... you know, rather than just laying there forgotten and unloved. My casting on another project is really just giving them someone new to welcome into the fold.)Today, I dug her out and knit for a bit. The sweater is Bristow from Knitty's winter 2005 issue. Right now, I'm on the back which is just plain stockinette except for the cast on edge. It feels so good to be knitting again! I feels as though I was on a bit of a vacation lately and am just now getting my crafting juju back. Maybe that means the piecing together of that jacket is in my future sooner rather than later..... woohoo!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Hearing Voices

The jacket I have cut out is calling my name. It's sitting on the kitchen table and everytime I walk in there for a meal or snack, it kind of taunts me thinking that will get me to lug out of the sewing machine and piece it together. It wants to be made in time to travel with me to CT for a conference later this month. Sadly, the couch has a siren song of its own. And what with being under the weather, that song is just a tad bit louder than the dull roar of the jacket's call for completion. Ahh, I hope this week will lend itself to more productivity on the sewing front.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bits of Loveliness

What a wonderful day! I went into work late since I'm working all weekend this weekend. A half day just flies by. I spoke with a couple of friends, met with some students and got a bunch of stuff done. I came home and had this beautiful photo from Maria at little things are big waiting for me in the mail. She had a little bad joke contest and awarded everyone for making her laugh. I feel so lucky to have this gorgeous photo.... now for the perfect spot!

I had my third stain glass class last night. I soldered. (Way too much fun!) I pretty much am done with this little lovely.... just need to add a loop for a hook next week. I've learned a lot of what I would and wouldn't do if I did it again. Which I just might do next class session.
I am planning to mail it to my mom as part of a Valentine's gift. I need to make a quilted heart for her door like the one I made before. And, I have some candy already. I got some chocolate from her today - sponge candy and chocolate hearts. Delish!

And lastly, a random aside.... I love one of the totally cheesy apps I downloaded on to Penelope. It's called Shake Liners and is all about cheesy pick up lines.
  • "Do you like the zoo, because you bring out the animal in me."
  • "Do you eat lots of Lucky Charms? Because you are magically delicious!"
  • "Help! Something is wrong with my eyes - I just can't take them off you!"
Seriously hilarious!! What is your favorite cheesy pick up line?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowy Day

We got a lot of snow (for us) here today. Most of it fell in the late afternoon and early evening. As of right now, we have about six inches and it is still falling.
It's that light fluffy kind, just wet enough that it might pack nicely if I tried.
I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow, even though I know it won't happen.
So instead, I'm enjoying the beauty of the snow clinging to the trees through my living room windows.

Summer Camp Wishes

What I wouldn't give for the financial freedom to be able to sign up for this as my summer getaway! I could use a little extra creativity in my life.... and being surrounded by others exploring theirs is oodles of rewarding. I'll have to settle for using the room of my home for my creative pursuits.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Penelope, Alcohol and Crafts: What a Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! I feel as though I've accomplished a bunch. Last night, I went to a birthday party with a friend of mine. It was a nice little gathering of some of her family. Her niece took a liking to me and I got to play with all sorts of 2 year old girl, dolls, books and more! The whole event was such a good time and as a passenger in my friend's car, I was able to drink two delicious caramel appletinis.

I ran a few errands.... I had to make a journey to Target to get toiletries and cleaning supplies. Also, a little trip to the bank to deposit some Christmas money. And, I went to AT&T and got this little lovely. Her name is Penelope the Phone and she is beyond fun. I'm definitely loving all she can do already. I particularly love having the news right there on my easy to read screen. Plus all sorts of Rosy photos for bragging rights with other dog moms.

Speaking of Rosy, we went for a walk this afternoon. It got above 50 degrees F here today so most of the ice is melting off. (YAY, no more slipping!) We did a nice long little loop through the neighborhood, meeting a few other dogs and their owners along the way. Anywho, when we got home, the whole underside of Rosy was brown..... the joy of being close to the ground! Speaking of doggie-ness, Rosy and I got a Christmas gift last night from my friend Katy. I'm kind of excited to do this photo frame with doggie footprint. I think Rosy will be a pain in the butt when I try to do the footprint but it will still be fun.

Oh, and I also cut out all of the fabric pieces of the little suit jacket I'm making. I have to cut out the lining later. I stopped cutting to watch the Obama interview on NBC and don't quite feel like going back to it now. I'm looking forward to making this jacket because I think the the stripes will be just the right amount of challenging.

Off now to watch the Super Bowl and knit a gauge swatch like a good knitter.....

What did you do this weekend?