Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

I was all set to work on the wool suit coat tonight. All of the wool pieces were cut out already. I just had two pieces of lining to cut out and some interfacing. I thought, all happily, that it would be fun to do a little sewing tonight and perhaps, just perhaps, this little jacket would be ready to go to CT with me next week. Well, I am short interfacing. I need two additional small pieces. However, they are just a wee bit larger than the what I have. Curses! Plan foiled. I'm seriously hoping I can convince my friend to swing by a JoAnn's on Saturday (Laurel, are you reading this?) so I can pick up some interfacing and sew a bit on Sunday.

So, with one craft down for the count, I moved on to the knitting. That little circular needle is treating me much more nicely. I completed another set of rows on the back of the sweater. I am hoping to knock out another set of rows or two tonight....

The stain glass project is completed and in the mail to Mom. She's going to be surprised when she opens that little Valentine's box! Wonderful!

What's going on in your crafty world?


Anonymous said...

I'm swatching the new sock pattern tonight. I'm in between needing a 1-1/2 needle and a 2 --- think I'll go with the 2 to be on the safe side.

That stinks about the interfacing. I hate when I don't have what I need WHEN I want it.

Hope you get all squared away on Saturday.

Maria Rose said...

I've been of a creativity hiatus. I have been swamped and now I need to get back to it!

Iron Needles said...

The quilt top, and the ubiquitous log cabin blanket, that will never end!