Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Hearing Voices

The jacket I have cut out is calling my name. It's sitting on the kitchen table and everytime I walk in there for a meal or snack, it kind of taunts me thinking that will get me to lug out of the sewing machine and piece it together. It wants to be made in time to travel with me to CT for a conference later this month. Sadly, the couch has a siren song of its own. And what with being under the weather, that song is just a tad bit louder than the dull roar of the jacket's call for completion. Ahh, I hope this week will lend itself to more productivity on the sewing front.....


Iron Needles said...

Ahhhh, the age old questions...sewing or sofa....production or prone games or constructive activity?

Choices, choices!

Anonymous said...

Probably best not to take on a project when you aren't feeling well.

Hope you are feeling better soon.