Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interfacing! And Buttons....

A suit jacket will soon be born! I visited JoAnn's and bought some interfacing this afternoon so I can now cut out the last piece, set up the sewing machine and churn out that little coat I've been waiting on. And I'm thinking it might be just the thing for the impending warmer weather. Although the fabric is wool, I think it is lightweight enough to be a good topper.

I also got my hair cut and highlighted today. I'm kind of loving it. And as the highlights fade a bit, I think I'll love it even more. Yay!

What have you done this Saturday?


Iron Needles said...

I marked so much stuff off my To Do list!

Can't wait to see the jacket finished.

Love the dress. So young looking.

madalyn said...

This past Saturday we had friends over for dinner. So I did a lot of cleaning and cooking... and then cleaning again!

Sunday was a relaxation and knitting day, though!