Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slacker... That's Me

By the time I finish this sweater I'm working on, it will be April and too warm for a wool sweater. And it will languish in my storage chest until next fall. Such is life I guess. I just feel bad. I want to spend more time knitting. I just have not been able to lately. Since I got home from the conference, I have been working late and trying to go to bed early in order to be rested. Tonight, instead of knitting I cleaned my bathroom. (Lemme tell you how much it needed it... A LOT!)

I feel like my crafty passion hasn't been used lately.... and quite honestly it is a bit stifling. I like the crafty influence in my daily goings on. I need that outlet for my energy and for my mind to work properly. So that said, the plan for this weekend is:
  • haircut, style and highlights (so I can be pretty),
  • Rosy's little grooming appointment (so my dog can be pretty),
  • a trip to JoAnn's for interfacing,
  • and then I can work on my little suit coat,
  • a bit of knitting,
  • And maybe in time allows, a little piecing together of some quilt blocks.
Really, that all would be pure bliss!

P.S. BTW, I'm watching Obama talk to Congress.... wowzers, his style so different from Bush's.


Iron Needles said...

Sounds like a nice weekend.

I totally missed the pres address and I don't know how. I love to watch him speak.

Maria Rose said...

I have been in a funk too. I wonder if it's just the end of winter?