Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Plans Changed

Due to some unforeseen issues at work (we had a couple of college students diagnosed with meningitis and gave preventative antibiotic treatment to a slew of others), my weekend plans end up scrapped in favor of staying on campus and helping out. It was too bad but a necessity. So I still don't have interfacing. I didn't get to go to see He's Just Not That Into You with my friend. Or visit the winery. However, it was one of those work things where you feel your presence was beneficial in some small way. And, I'm left tired but pleased to have helped out.

I'm also pleased that on Friday when I realized that the weekend plans were going to the wayside, I found a little package on my office desk. Inside were these:
I ordered these from daffodil hill on Etsy. I was looking for additional fabrics for the quilt and found these in Candice's store. I think the timing was perfect.... I needed the pick-me-up and fabric arrived. Ahh, lovely!


Maria Rose said...

Oh yes, those are great prints!

Jacqui said...

How many craft projects can one person have going??!! A quilt, a suit, a jumper, stained-glass windows...they all sound great. I was most amused by the post from your iphone - the temptation must be overwhelming (I often have ideas for posts when I'm away from the computer so to have that on hand...). Hope you get your interfacing and can do some sewing this weekend coming up.

Jane said...

They are great prints - I love the colours. I hope your students are recovering.

Iron Needles said...

Oh...I love the fabrics! If you were closer, I would probably try to steal them!

Tinniegirl said...

I love the one with the dresses on it. It's so gorgeous. Hope you get some relaxed time to yourself soon.

Maggie R said...

No wonder you aren't getting your knotted sweater done!!! HA!
Love the alphabet print.I wish I had seen it before,,, I just finished making an alpgabet quilt for a teacher friend having a baby. That print would have been perfect for a backing..sigh

Maggie R said...

Does mispelled words put your teeth on edge? Does me!
Here are my corrections..
Knotted.. I meant knitted
Alpgabet..I meant alphabet
THERE.... now I feel better..