Sunday, February 1, 2009

Penelope, Alcohol and Crafts: What a Wonderful Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! I feel as though I've accomplished a bunch. Last night, I went to a birthday party with a friend of mine. It was a nice little gathering of some of her family. Her niece took a liking to me and I got to play with all sorts of 2 year old girl, dolls, books and more! The whole event was such a good time and as a passenger in my friend's car, I was able to drink two delicious caramel appletinis.

I ran a few errands.... I had to make a journey to Target to get toiletries and cleaning supplies. Also, a little trip to the bank to deposit some Christmas money. And, I went to AT&T and got this little lovely. Her name is Penelope the Phone and she is beyond fun. I'm definitely loving all she can do already. I particularly love having the news right there on my easy to read screen. Plus all sorts of Rosy photos for bragging rights with other dog moms.

Speaking of Rosy, we went for a walk this afternoon. It got above 50 degrees F here today so most of the ice is melting off. (YAY, no more slipping!) We did a nice long little loop through the neighborhood, meeting a few other dogs and their owners along the way. Anywho, when we got home, the whole underside of Rosy was brown..... the joy of being close to the ground! Speaking of doggie-ness, Rosy and I got a Christmas gift last night from my friend Katy. I'm kind of excited to do this photo frame with doggie footprint. I think Rosy will be a pain in the butt when I try to do the footprint but it will still be fun.

Oh, and I also cut out all of the fabric pieces of the little suit jacket I'm making. I have to cut out the lining later. I stopped cutting to watch the Obama interview on NBC and don't quite feel like going back to it now. I'm looking forward to making this jacket because I think the the stripes will be just the right amount of challenging.

Off now to watch the Super Bowl and knit a gauge swatch like a good knitter.....

What did you do this weekend?


Tinniegirl said...

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting to get an IPhone when my contract is up in September.

Love the little paw print frame. How cute.

My weekend was crafty. A trip to a craft retreat with Curlypops and some painting on Sunday. And the chores of course... no escaping them.

Anonymous said...

We were hoping to get to Blue Spring to see the manatees. Unfortunately the park filled up and cars were lined up waiting for someone to leave.

Guess I'll see if I can make it up there on a weekday when it is less busy.

I'd love to get some photos for the blog.

So, did little Miss Rosy get a bath to clean up her muddy tummy?

Maria Rose said...

Cool! I love the dog footprint/frame thing. I too am an obsessed dog mom!

Also, don't you feel super important when little kids take a liking to you?

madalyn said...

I hosted a dinner party on Saturday and then went to a knitting group get-together on Sunday. Definitely a fun weekend!

carlita dee said...

I was knitting it up during the SB too. Makes it more tolerable when their running those 50,000 replays.

Could Rosy be any cuter?

carlita dee said...

Oops, that's "they're running..."

This from the grammar instructor.

Hey, my verification word is "barksie." How apropos.