Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deliciousness is Best Way to End the Day

I bought some gnocchi a long time ago, knowing I wanted to have some delicious memories of Italy. Tonight I finally dug it out of the freezer and using this recipe, made a savory dinner. I went off recipe a bunch since I couldn't seem to find pesto in my Acme (why is that I wonder - it's so delish). I also cut the celery and fried onions because they aren't my favorite things. And, I added artichokes and grape tomatoes. I have to say the combination of beans, gnocchi, veggies, olives, mushrooms, sage and salt is amazing. The gnocchi should have been browned a bit less than they specified in the recipe. However, I'd definitely make this again - hopefully with pesto!

P.S. I'm complimenting the gnocchi with some banana bread, baking right now! Yum!


Anonymous said... all sounds good.

Pesto is in a strange area in our store. It's on an end-cap by the beer and wine.

They also have some over by the hot dogs where the refrigerated pastas are.

Maria Rose said...

Yum. I love going off recipe!