Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting My (Craftin') Groove On

So, what have I been up to? Turning that cute little monkey fabric into a cute little bib for my friend's baby!! I'm way ahead of the curve on this one, since she isn't due for a long, long time. I have enough fabric left for perhaps two more bibs.... gotta get more backing fabric though. (And perhaps to work on that knitted blanket for the same baby!)
I then worked on this little door decoration for my mom. I'm going to put together a little Easter box for her and this will be one of the non-yummy enclosures. Her house is yellow with a white door. This will coordinate enough but also pop nicely! And she'll love it because she's my mom and I made it.... (I love that about moms!) Guess I should seek out a good chocolate shop too...ahh, the tortures of being a good daughter!
Lastly, what am I looking forward to doing? This weekend I will probably work on this birdie kit from Alicia. I'm splitting it with my friend Laura... after I use my half, the other half goes in the mail again. I can't wait! I'm probably going yarn shopping this weekend too. My LYS is having a sale and I think my friend Alissa and I will venture out. Gotta help stimulate the economy a little right? All of that will be complemented by some work late late Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, as the office/students call.
It's wonderful to balance that bit of (crazy) work with crafting goodness!


Anonymous said...

The baby bib is ADORABLE. I love the monkey fabric too.

I know your Mom will love the fabric heart and not just because you are her daughter. It's very cute.

leah said...

Love the bib!!! Is it from a pattern? if so which one?

Maria Rose said...

Thy bib is wonderful!
Also, your mom is lucky to have you as a daughter.