Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Deals

One of my local yarn stores is going out of business. It's one of the places I liked going as it offered a different variety that the place I normal shop at. After the 22nd it is no more. But, the silver lining of all of that is the sale they are having. I went in yesterday and everything was 40% off. I got 5 balls of yarn for a baby blanket (I swear everyone is pregnant right now BTW.). I got two different varieties of yellow/green mix and plan to stripe it. The yarn and three different needles cost me less than $40! I also used part of a Barnes and Noble gift card and got a new book to read. I've been curled up reading most of the day....a lovely way to spend a gloomy Sunday. What has made your Sunday special?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear a shop is closing. Which one is it?

Our day was spent mostly outside catching up with the weeds. It's 86 degrees today. I think summer has hit!

Now we're planning ribs on the grill and watch the space shuttle go up.

Maria Rose said...

I had a great day with the hubby.

You're right everyone is having a baby lately!