Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still Tweaking

I tweaked the owl a bit more tonight. I'm even happier with this version but he still needs work. It's closer to where this whole little pattern should be. His bottom needs to sit a bit flatter. And, I forgot to attach his beak until afterwards. It went on no problem but I wish I had done it before sewing the front and back together. Now, the question is what is this little guy's name?
I also went and bought some fabric today. The brown on the bottom will be a summer dress with pink flowered trim. The mouse fabric is going to be something for my mom... maybe an Easter gift. And, the monkey fabric is destined to become baby bibs for a few friends. I didn't see it until I went up to the cutting table and it was sticking out of a return bin. Of course I fell in love with the little monkey.
I'm so glad to be sewing! It makes a difference in my level of happiness.... productive with those creative juices flowing. Woohoo for a happy little Saturday!!


Maria Rose said...

I love the fabric!

madalyn said...

The monkey fabric is so cute!