Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Open Letter to Mr. Clooney

After Amy's open letter today, I decided to post the one I wrote on facebook a couple of months ago....

Dear George--

By now you probably heard about the Disney promise of free entrance to any Disney park on your birthday. I think the campaign is ingenious, because how many people have a good friend with the same birthday? (All those twins out there, put down your hands.) I don’t. So someone would have to spend money to get in right? I was thinking about who I knew with the same birthday and of course came up with you Mr. Clooney.

So, I’m officially asking you on a date. May 6th of 2009, let’s go to Disney World George! It will be fun. We can ride the Space Mountain. We’ll skip the It’s a Small World – my stepfather got stuck in there twice and you can only hear that song so many times before you lose your mind. To sweeten the deal (although going with me is already a pretty sweet deal I would argue), we can even donate the money we’d spend to enter to Darfur charities. If you are up for it George, just message me right here and we’ll make our plans. We only have a month of planning time left... let's go to Disney World!



Mari said...

One of my friends fro college has the same bday as me. We called each other "Bday Buddy". :)

George Clooney is good guy to have as a Bday Buddy.

Jane said...

Love your letter.
I share my birthday with Lee Marvin, Smokey Robinson, Jeff Daniels and Prince Andrew.
Not quite the same inspiration as gorgeous George.

Laura said...

I love it! Hey, you never know what surprises life will bring!