Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crazy Knittin' Mojo

I've been knitting and knitting lately, working on that delightful little baby blanket for my dear friend. It's coming along and actually is a totally enjoyable knit that requires little thought along the way. I'm so glad to be knitting away!

However, I really do need to cut out a dress pattern. The fabric is sitting on the table calling my name. I am hoping this weekend will lend itself to some sewing (and jewelry making perhaps). If I'm good, I'll get a new dress finished before my recent fabric purchase arrives in the mail. Or, at least before it's washed.

Oh, and have you been thinking about Summer Camp? I do hope you will sign up.... and perhaps plug it in your blog!


Jane said...

I'd love to sign up for your Virtual Summer Camp. Does making dream/wish collages count? It's very easy and involves lots of cutting and sticking and dreaming.

Kathleen Taylor said...

You have the knittin' mojo, and I'm getting the quiltin' mojo. I bought some vintage fabric scraps and pieces at an antique store and have started putting them together to cover a canvas bag (a quilted knitting bag to tie in both crafts). Thanks for the fabric store link. I'm going to check it out.

Maria Rose said...

Yay for a crafty weekend. All my craft supplies are packed away so I will have to live vicariously through you!