Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Birdie....

Oh, the birds are complete. (And my pictures are kind of poor due to bad lighting... sorry!) The blue one is sitting in my entertainment center, although I'm not sure he's found his permanent home there. He will stay with me. (What's his name you ask? Why I think it might be Phil. I have no idea why.)
The pink little one will go home with my mom when she visits in about two weeks. He's part of her Mother's Day gift. Oh, I'm just so pleased with them!! And I love the whole process of creating them.

The other little creatures - the frog and the owl - are waiting for paint. I'm not sure of their purpose but I'm sure something good will come to me. And now I can mail Laura's half of the kit to her!


leah said...

They look adorable! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Phil can live with you. Phyllis can go live with your Mom.

They are adorable.

Phil needs a teeny-tiny Phillies hat.

Kara said...

They are so darling!