Monday, April 13, 2009

I heart the District of Columbia!

I went to DC this past weekend and visited my aunt. It was truly a lovely time: another viewing of Chicago, the National Cathedral for Easter service, seeing various family members, delicious food and a visit with my friends Julie and James. And their gorgeous, delightful little one Ellie (of baby sweater fame).

Anywho, I had to share this beautiful photo of the cathedral from the angle we were sitting. It truly is gorgeous, you know, for a North American cathedral built in the last century or so. After taking that stain glass class, I have a whole new appreciation for the art form. Such amazing windows... seriously, it has 231 stain glass windows!
I lovely little visit... and a pleasure to come home. I'm a lucky lady indeed.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure attending a service there is AWESOME! Your picture is beautiful.

Maria Rose said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!

Rose said...

yay for mini vaca!