Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Monday Thoughts

  • Why does it always seem like I don't accomplish as much during the weekend as I think I will?
  • I have tomorrow off to make up for working many nights and part of the weekend. I plan on crafting a bit.... work with some modeling clay, sew a bit and work on the two newly casted on projects. Oh and the delight of laundry!
  • Oh yes, I casted on not one but two knitting projects this weekend. The baby blanket is started. And, I got some cotton for a dishcloth for mom. I think I might make one for my aunt too.
  • And, I bought yarn. Fan-tab-ulous! Don't you worry... pics forthcoming.
  • I really want to buy some Toms for summer walking adventures. I'm thinking these or maybe these.
  • How come no amount of coaching that I do seems to stick with one of my student leaders?
  • I could use a hug.
  • Life is cheery. How's yours?


Anonymous said...


How's that?

leah said...


Jane said...

Another hug - I've tagged you on my blog!

Maria Rose said...

Sounds like a day off is well deserved.