Monday, April 20, 2009

Birds of a Feather Paper Mache Together

What else did I do this Sunday?
I worked on paper macheing my birds from my half of Alicia Paulson's kit. (My friend Laura and I are splitting it.) I used the extra molding clay for a frog and an owl. Next step on the birds - paint! One of these guys will be added to my entertainment center. The better one will serve as a topper for my mom's Mother's Day gift.

I also made this earrings. The photo is a bit fuzzy. The stones are amethysts. These are being saved for sale.
I forgot how much I love jewelry making. I really must do it more!

I've been thinking that beading/jewelry might be my Summer Camp project.... Oh, how I can't wait until Summer Camp!!


Anonymous said...

Cute birdies.

Jane said...

I find jewellery making very therapeutic. My nine-year-old son made himself and necklace the other day and it is wonderful.

Tinniegirl said...

I've been thinking about Summer Camp. I've decided that I'm definitely in and will blog about it soon. Now I just have to decide what to teach. Hmmmnn....