Saturday, May 9, 2009

Creating Your Own Patterns...

might not be an ideal thing.

I finally worked on owl #3. He seems a bit better but still not a wide enough base to stand on his own. I used different buttons this time and think this little guy is pretty cute. I think his name is Roger and he'll probably go live with my mom.However, I could use some advice here... should I make them bigger? How can I make 'em so they stand well on their own?

I also worked on (and by worked on, I mean designed and finished) the dress for my friend Julie's soon-to-be one year old. I ripped out the original skirt and made this a bit wider to accommodate chubby little legs.
At the narrowest place, it is 18 inches around. I had a mom tell me the pattern looked right for a one year old. I'm just nervous it might be too narrow. Am I off base? I think a trip to Target's childrens clothes with a tape measure might be in my future!


Amy (badskirt) said...

What about adding two small feet to the front to create a bigger base? You could use a simple ladder stitch technique like the little ones in my chicken tutorial. The other options would be to gusset the bottom or to add pvc pellets to the bottom to weight them down. I wouldn't go bigger.

I have no clue on children's clothes sizes. The other day the neighbors stopped by for an extension piece for the bib I made them. Their six month old's neck was wider than mine. Seriously, it's true!

Jane said...

I love seeiing your craftwork.
It is a while since I had a one-year-old but I remember most of the bulk was nappies.
I think going to your local kids' store with a tape measure sounds an excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

Awww...what cute fabric for the little girl's dress.

As for the owls, could you put something heavy in the bottom, like a block of wood or some marbles?