Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Deep Breath With Eyes Closed

It is amazing how the soft hum of my days moves forward when my job is quiet. As we have approached the period of final exams and recessing for summer, the din of the daily grind decelerates. I’m able to stop and think about what I love, who I want to be and what I want to accomplish over the next few months or years. Lately, I’m focused on home. I have been contemplating making my current home more comfortable, whether through a new larger rug in the living room, painting the bedroom, washing all of the bed linens, rearranging the closets or a variety of other things. I’ve been looking forward to my next home, thinking about making an eventual leap into homeownership. There are many steps I need to complete to make that vision a reality. But buying something, if I’m going to make Philly home, is practical. It would be cheaper than renting and I can paint without worry. Plus I’d love to have a two bedroom to have a craft room that can double as a guest room as needed. I need to spend time working on making that reality.

I’ve been embracing the buzz of the creative spirit. I’ve been thinking about the owl design. It needs to be perfected and hopefully a plethora of owls will follow. I have a bunch of jewelry designs bouncing around in my head. I have been thinking of that lovely lavender yarn I purchased about a month ago and how I really should knit a little gauge swatch with it so I can cast on the cardigan. My knitting has been focused on that baby blanket lately, a project that requires little thought. And as much as I love watching it come together, I need something that challenges my mind a bit more. And lastly, I need to finish the brown dress. I decided to pull out a bunch of stitches on the front between the bodice and the skirt to re-work the gathering. Tonight, I’m hoping to re-attach those two pieces and move closer to finishing. And, I need to figure out what pattern my gorgeous kelly green fabric will emerge as….

I’ve been taking a little longer to stop and smell the roses, both figuratively and literally. Rosy and I have enjoyed more walks, breathing in the variety of blooming plants in the neighborhood. I have allowed my brain to go still for (slightly) longer. I have listened to the lyrics of songs more, marveling at the way the words are woven together forming a verbal tapestry. I’ve written thank you notes to those who offer blessings to my life. I’ve been better at savoring every minute. I love the stillness of summer, the possibilities a more open schedule affords me.


Rose said...

you have such a wonderful perspective. thank you for sharing!

leah said...

Sounds like you are in a wonderful place!

Maria Rose said...

I think you and I are right in sync!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post!

So, where in Phila. are you looking?

I'd love to move back. I fantasize about buying my childhood home.